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Dott. Guglielmo Beccuti

  • Dottorato: 24° ciclo
  • Matricola: 221851



Ezio Ghigo
Lucia Ghizzoni

Tesi di dottorato

Impatto dell'Apnea Ostruttiva nel Sonno (OSA) sul compenso glicemico nel Diabete Mellito di Tipo 2 (DMT2).

Attività di ricerca

  • Sleep and obesity.
    Beccuti G, Pannain S.
    Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. 2011 Jul;14(4):402-12.


  • Absence of Sex Disparity in the Prevalence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 
    Beccuti G, Grimaldi D, Tasali E, Abraham V, Whitmore H, Ehrmann D, Van Cauter E, Mokhlesi B.
    2013 Department of Medicine Research Day - The University of Chicago, 5 marzo 2013, Chicago 

  • ENDO 2012; 23-26 giugno 2012, Houston.
  • ENDO 2011; 4-7 giugno 2011, Boston
  • NICHe Conference "BIOLOGICAL RHYTHMS: PERSPECTIVES FOR CHILD HEALTH"; 27-29 maggio 2011, Schloss Liebenberg, Berlino.
  • 2011 ESPE Science School (ESS); 25-26 maggio 2011, Schloss Liebenberg, Berlino. 

  • On the Physiopathology of Two Genetically Related Proteins: Plasminogen and Apolipoprotein(a) - Angelo M. Scanu; 12 settembre 2011, Chicago.
  • Characterization of Human Sleep/Wake Regulation in Populations Stratified on the Polymorphism of PERIOD3 Gene - Pierre Maquet; 20 giugno 2011, Chicago
  • New Players and Pathways Firing Up Adipose Tissue Metabolism - Sheila Collins; 4 maggio 2011, Chicago
  • Osteoporosis and Other Medical Consequences of Depression - Giovanni Cizza; 2 maggio 2011, Chicago
  • Adipose Dysfunctions Linking Obesity to Insulin Resistance - Michael P. Czech; 20 aprile 2011, Chicago
  • The beta cell in type 2 diabetes, a case of molecular constipation - Peter C. Butler; 6 aprile 2011, Chicago.
  • Sex, Drives, and Body Weights: Functions of Non-Classical Estrogen Receptor Signaling in Brain - Jon E. Levine; 14 marzo 2011, Chicago

Guglielmo Beccuti joined the Sleep, Metabolism and Health Center at the University of Chicago in 2010. He is currently co-investigator and study coordinator for a pilot study examining the impact of Exenatide on sleep and circadian function in type 2 diabetes. He has recently joined Dr. Matthew Brady's team, focusing on the analysis of circadian rhythms in human adipocytes.

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