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Yonathan Gomez

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Attività di ricerca

  1. Set-up of a microfluidic  human filtration barrier for the evaluation of the biologic effect of EVs from different sources
  2. Set-up of a microfluidic-based functional analysis for HLSC derived Islet like structures 

Stem Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles and Immune-Modulation

Burrello J, Monticone S, Gai C, Gomez Y, Kholia S, and Camussi G.

Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 22 August 2016. Review. 

 Protective Role of Stem Cell Derived Extracellular Vesicles in an In Vitro Model of Hyperglycemia-Induced Endothelial Injury

Gai C, Gomez Y, Tetta C, Brizzi MF, and Camussi G

J Cell Sci Ther, Volume 8 • Issue 2 • 1000264. 

 The effect of G-CSF and AMD3100 on mice treated with streptozotocin: Expansion of alpha-cells and partial islet protection

Gomez Y, Solano D, Gledhill T, Wittig O, and Cardier J

Cytokine  (2017) 123-131 

Islet-Like Structures Generated In Vitro from Adult Human Liver Stem Cells Revert Hyperglycemia in Diabetic SCID Mice

Victor Navarro-Tableros, Chiara Gai, Yonathan Gomez, Sara Giunti, Chiara Pasquino, Maria Chiara Deregibus, Marta Tapparo, Adriana Pitino, Ciro Tetta, Maria Felice Brizzi2, Camillo Ricordi and Giovanni Camussi.

Stem Cell Reviews and Reports (2018)


Setup of a human glomerular filtration barrier using a commercially available microfluidic system

Gomez Y, Belluci L, Navarro-Tableros V, Bussolati B, and Camussi G.

Organ-on-a-chip World Congress July 2017, Boston ,USA

Protective role of extracellular vesicles in diabetic microangiopathy

Gai C, Lopatina T, Gomez Y, Brizzi MF, and Camussi G.

ISEV2017. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. April, 2017.

A novel microfluidic-based platform for the dynamic evaluation of the biological activity of 3D organoids.

Yonathan Gomez, Victor Navarro, Giovanni Camussi and Maria Fellice Brizzi.

D-Day meeting, September 2018, Turin.


  1. Organ-on-a-chip Europe 2016, April 2016, Cambridge,UK.
  2. Organ-on-a-chip World Congress July 2017, Boston ,USA.
  3. Bioinformatics Italian Society (BITS), June 2018, Italy, Turin.
  4. Insight into Cell Encapsulation, September 2018. Flawill, Switzerland.


PhD student Stefano Porta - JOURNAL CLUB: Functional Human Podocytes Generated in Organoids from Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells . 09/05/16

Dr Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Professor "Repair/Regeneration of the acutely injured mammalian kidney" 9/6/16, MBC-Torino

Dr. Sanders Kooijmans "Extracellular vesicle engineering for drug delivery", 23/6/16, MBC-Torino."

Dr Valeria Sordi "Differentiation of integration-free human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) into insulin-producing cells". 27/7/2017. MBC-Torino  

Dr. Sanders Kooijmans "Size exclusion chromatography for EV isolation" 11/5/2017.MBC-Torino

Prof. Amadeo Columbano "Animal models as useful tools for the study of hepatocarcinogenesis", 19/9/2017, MBC-Torino

Prof. Luigi Naldini "Advanced genetic engineering to broaden gene therapy application to the treatment of inherited diseases and cancer?", 19/9/2017. MBC-Torino

Dr. Francesca Orso. "miR-214 in tumor progression (not only tumor cells matter)" 04/07/2018 MBC-Torino

Prof. Sveva Bollini. "Triggering endogenous mechanisms of cardiac regeneration via paracrine action. A role for the stem cell secretome" 03/07/2018 MBC-Torino

Dr. Alberto Risson. "Fishing for new disease models: using zebrafish to understand human diseases" 06/07/2018 MBC-Torino

Dr. Mario Barlocco. "Innovations and new technologies in cell biology: 3D Bioprinting and Dynamic Cell Cultures" 25/06/2018 MBC-Torino



Corso Ricerche Bibliografiche e Database (4CFU), 14-17 Giugno 2016 

D-day 2016 (4CFU), 15 Settembre 2016

Corso d' Inglese Scientifico livello B1/B2 (8CFU), 02/11/16 - 08/06/17 - 

D-day 2017, 19/09/17 

Corso di Biostatistica (4CFU), 21-22-27/09/17 

D-day 2018 (4CFU), 13/09/18


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