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Dott.ssa Alessia Brossa

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Strategie di targeting e differenziamento di cellule staminali tumorali

Attività di ricerca

- Bussolati B., Brossa A., Camussi G. "Resident stem cells and renal carcinoma" Int J Nephrol 2011:286985

- Fiorio Pla A, Ong HL, Cheng KT, Brossa A, Bussolati B, Lockwich T, Paria B, Munaron L, Ambudkar IS "TRPV4 mediates tumor-derived endothelial cell migration via arachidonic acid-activated actin remodeling" Oncogene 2011.231.

IV International conference on angiogenesis in memory of Judah Folkman. Roma, 13-14 gennaio 2012

HypoxiaNet "Learning from hypoxia signaling", con presentazione di un poster dal titolo "Involvment of HIF-1 alpha in endothelial differentiation of cancer stem cells and effect of anti-angiogenic therapy". Bilbao, 18-20 aprile 2012.

21/02/2011 Journal club "Multiple receptor tyrosine kinases regulate HIF1alpha and HIF2alpha in normoxia and hypoxia in neuroblastoma: implications for antiangiogenic mechanisms of multikinase inhibitors" Nilsson et al. Oncogene (2010)

03/03/11 Samuele Marro "Direct conversion of Hepatocytes to Functional Neurons"

28/03/11 Massimiliano Mazzone "PHD2 oxygen sensor: a gateway system for angiogenesis and arteriogenesis"

18/04/2011 Journal club "HIF1alpha functions as a tumor promoter in cancer associated fibroblasts, and as a tumor suppressor in breast cancer cells" Chiavarina et al. Cell cycle (2010)

29/04/11 Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke "Understanding tumor angiogenesisi"

16/05/11 John D. Scott "Kinase architecture and cancer"

21/06/11 WORKSHOP PBInternational "Primary cells, cell culture and mycoplasma prevention"

27/06/11 Walter Birchmeier "WNT/b-catenin and MET/SHP2 signaling in cancer stem cells of mammary gland tumors"

30/06/11 Emanuele Gatti "The chronic kidney disease: triad"

30/06/11 Gail-Suzanne Brown "Innovation: shaping the future"

25-29/07/11 Donato Formicola, Gennaro Boccia "MATLAB Summer School: principles of technical computing"

12-13/09/11 Corso di ricerca bibliografica

16/09/11 Pandolfi "The ceRNA hypothesis and the non-coding revolution in cancer research and therapy"

19/09/11 D-Day

22/09/11 Esercitazione del corso di ricerca bibliografica: Pubmed

28/09/11 Esercitazione del corso di ricerca bibliografica: Banche dati citazionali

02/11/11 Fred W.Alt "Mechanisms of long range chromosomal rearrangements and traslocations in the immune systems"

21/11/11 Journal Club "Exosomes from Plasmodium yoelii-infected reticulocytes protect mice from lethal infections". L.Martin-Jaular; PlosOne (2011)

 30/11/11 Elena Giglia "Open Access, i vantaggi per chi fa ricerca"

02/12/11 Rosa Bernardi " The role hypoxic response in leukemogenesis, a view from acute promelocytic leukemia"

05/12/11 Maria Paola Sassi "Chemical selective in vitro bio-assay for cells/ec matrix dectecion in 3D not-labelled cell cultures"

25/01/2012 Pier Giuseppe Pelicci "Regulation of self-renewal in cancer stem cells"

27-28/02/2012 Corso di Biostatistica

19/03/2012 Norbert Gretz "Evaluation of the renal function in animal models: measurement of glomerular filtration rate and of glomerular number and size using fluorescence emission and magnetic resonance imaging."

02/04/2012 Jornal club "The white adipose tissue used in lipotransfer procedures is a rich reservoir of CD34+ progenitors able to promote cancer progression". Martin-Padura et al. Cancer Research, 2012.

14/09/2012 D-Day

01/10/2012 Anna Lange Consiglio "Medicina rigenerativa e terapia cellulare nella specie equina come modello sperimentale: dalle esperienze di laboratorio alle applicazioni in ricerca ed in clinica."

15/01/2013 Michele De Luca "Epithelial stem cells and regenerative medicine".

14/03/2013 Bruno Azzarone "IL15 nella fisiopatologia renale"

28/03/2013 Loreto Gesualdo "Nuove prospettive nella modulazione del complemento e delle cellule dendritiche nel trapianto del rene"

22/04/2013 Massimiliano Mazzone "Macrophages and tumor hypoxia: should they stay or should they go?"

11/06/2013 D-Day

20/09/2013 Barboni B "Cellule staminali di origine amniotica nella rigenerazione tendinea"

14/10/2013 Cavaillon Jean Marc "To boost or not to boost the immune response in sepsis?"

28/11/2013 Gatti E "Importance of IT to achieve a correct clinical governance"

28/11/2013 Weiss S "Protect your ideas. An introduction to patents"

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