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Corinne Iampietro

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- Therapeutic perspectives of extracellular vesicles from renal progenitor cells in glomerular homeostasis alterations of Alport syndrome

Berto GE, Iobbi C, Camera P, Scarpa E, Iampietro C, et al. (2014)

The DCR Protein TTC3 Affects Differentiation and Golgi Compactness in Neurons through Specific Actin-Regulating Pathways.

PLoS ONE 9(4): e93721. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0093721


Aggarwal S, Grange C, Iampietro C, Camussi G, Bussolati B (2016) 

Human CD133+ Renal Progenitor Cells Induce Erythropoietin Production and Limit Fibrosis After Acute Tubular Injury

Sci Rep. 2016 Nov 17:6:37270.doi: 10.1038/srep37270.



12/04/16 - 4th edition of RNAseq data analysis workshop in Torino (12-14 April 2016) - organizer Raffaele Calogero

06/10/15  -  Towards unraveling the importance of cell adhesion and cytoskeletal remodeling during brain  - Professor Silvia Cappello

06/10/2015 - The Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde nature of apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF): cell death versus cell survival - Dr. Giulio Preta

13/10/15  -  Hypoxia in dialysis patients, a matter of concern? Professor Peter Kotanko

28/01/16 - TRP channels as pharmacological targets for lower urinary tract dysfunction - Yves Deruyver PhD student ( Leuven University )

16/02/16 - Urine of preterm neonates as novel source of kidney progenitor cells - Fanny Arcolino PhD student ( Leuven University )

25/02/16 - Cysteamine analogues - Yasaman Ramezani PhD student ( Leuven University )

25/02/16 - TRPV2 and implantationCharlotte Van den Eynde PhD student ( Leuven University )

01/03/16 - Vit D and FGF23 in ADPKDStéphanie De Rechter PhD student ( Leuven University )

17/03/16 - Investigate the molecular basis of cell fate decisions through functional genomics - Davide Cacchiarelli PhD (Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)

18/03/16Intragenic DNA methylation - Francesco Neri  (HUGEF)

21/03/16 - The transparent editorial process, data reproducibility and research integrity at EMBO Press - Dr. Roberto Buccione (Scientific Editor EMBO Molecular Medicine, Heidelberg, Germany)

30/03/16 - The pro-migratory function of extracellular Morgana in Triple Negative Breast Cancer cells - Laura Seclì PhD student

09/05/16 - JOURNAL CLUB: Functional Human Podocytes Generated in Organoids from Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells - PhD student Stefano Porta

09/06/16 - Repair/Regeneration of the acutely injured mammalian kidney - Dr Sanjeev Kumar Assistant Professor ( Regenerative Medicine Institute, Cedars Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, California)

23/06/16 - Huntington's Disease: from evolutionary biology to pathogenesis - Chiara Zuccato ProfessorDip. di Bioscienze Università degli Studi di Milano)

23/06/16 - Extracellular vesicle engineering for drug delivery - Dr. Sanders Kooijmans PhD ( Utrecht University)

28/06/2016 - Optical nanoscopy 2.0 - Professor Alberto Diaspro

12/07/2016 - JOURNAL CLUB: Kidney-on-a-chip and nephrotoxicity evaluation".L'articoli su cui verterà la presentazione è il seguente: "Pharmacokinetic profile that reduces nephrotoxicity of gentamicin in a perfused kidney-on-a-chip - PhD student Yonathan Gomez

14/07/16 - MACS Flow Cytometry - Myltenyl Biotec

26/09/16 - AIRC Support to Cancer Research: Strategies and Perspectives - Professor Caligaris - Cappio

03/04/17 - The pro-migratory function of extracellular Morgana in Triple Negative Breast Cancer cells -  Laura Seclì PhD student

19/04/17 - hiPSC derived neurons and astrocytes as in vitro models for toxicology andneurodegenerative disorders - Mr Alexandre Fouassier

21/04/17 - Molecular dynamics and related methods for drug discovery - Professor Decherchi

26/04/17 - Citron Kinase as therapeutic target for medulloblastoma -  Gianmarco Pallavicini PhD student

04/05/17 - Diet and pathology: the role of fasting in inflammatory pathology - Dr.a Raffaghello

11/05/17 - EV purification with SEC - Dr. Sanders Kooijmans PhD ( Utrecht University)

17/05/17 - Inducible Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS): new strategies for regenerative medicine - Professor Camussi

14/06/17 - How to write a scientific paper - Professor Granata

26/06/17 - Neuronal mechanisms underlying discrimination processes between safe and harmful cues - Phd Anna Grosso

29/06/17 - Emerging Biomarkers to guide pancreatic cancer early detection and treatment - Dr.a Capello (Texas University)

30/06/17 - The future of precision Health and integrated diagnostics -  Professor Sam Gambhir (California Universiy)

08/07/17 - SIRT6-dependent metabolic reprogramming as a driver of stemness and tumorigenesis - Dr. Sebastian (IRCCs)

12/07/17 - Melusin regulates the metabolic balance of the hearth- Matteo Sorge PhD student

06/09/17 - Scientific presentations - Professor Bussolati

14-17/06/16 - Corso Ricerche Bibliografiche e Database (4CFU)

15/09/16 - D-day 2016 (4CFU)

02/11/16 - 08/06/17 - Corso d' Inglese Scientifico livello B1/B2 (8CFU)

19/09/17 - D-day 2017 (4CFU)

21-22-27/09/17 - Corso di Biostatistica (4CFU)


11/01/16_04/03/16 - Leuven - Prof. Elena Levtchenko


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